Typically, business advisors try to fit their clients to a program that is convenient for the consultant; however, S.E.L. & Associates creates a program specifically tailored to meet the needs and budget of each client. S.E.L. & Associates, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, serves in a business advisor and consulting role to many companies throughout North Alabama.


Business Plan
Learn how to write a Business Plan. An organized business plan will help you evaluate your business’s value.
Business Model
Develop a Business Model. Business models translate your business into a successful and profitable operation.
Sales Growth
sales growth
Learn how to determine Sales Growth. Growing your sales depends on your business objectives thus growing sales revenue.
Profit Growth
profit growth
Understand the steps to increase your profit, and it doesn't always involve increasing sales.
Cash Flow Improvement
Improve your Cash Flow. Profitability does not always equate to cash flow. Learn how to understand this difference and identify ways to increase your monthly cash flow.
Employee Management
Learn the importance of Employee Management. Managing employees is one of your most difficult tasks. Knowing that your employees are managed will make your business perform well – even when you are not present.
Organization Structure
Create an Organized Structure. Conflict within the structure of your business will reduce performance and your business can lose revenue. Learn how to create an organized structure that will optimize the quality of your business’s performance.
Operations Management
Improve Operations Management. Learn how to develop the metrics that will help you measure and monitor what works for your business and what does not.
Exit Strategy
Prepare an Exit Strategy. Your business’s exit strategy is extremely important. Developing an exit strategy will help direct your current operating strategies so that if an exit was to occur, it will only occur on your terms.
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