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When your employee(s) are not performing to your expectation it is your responsibility to let them know and help them return to the proper performance level. If you say nothing, you are telling them that the current performance is acceptable.

Most owners assume that poor performing employees will see the work habits of their co-workers and fell compelled to rise up to the higher standard. The reality is that the opposite will often occur. If you have an employee who comes to work late frequently, it is more likely that your on-time employees will begin arriving late as well since the owner has not addressed the issue.

The statics prove this out. Businesses that utilize planning as part of their management process routinely outperform their non planning counterparts. The failure rate for all small businesses is high and this is one area that is a major reason why many do not survive

This workshop will focus on the steps you need to take to start your business! We will discuss business licenses, entities, and how to effectively write your own business plan plus much more! November 7, 2012 10 AM- 12 Noon Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce Please visit for directions GUEST SPEAKER: Steven Levy President of SEL & Associates Fee: $20 payable at the door Register: Email or Call 256-824-6422 When Wed Nov …

The cost of not knowing can be very high. A compliance issue with the IRS, EPA, or OSHA can be catastrophic for a small business. The cost of professional help can pay for itself many times over.